The human body is a unique chemical pool that can be riddled with a variety of pain and discomfort as plentiful and diverse as humankind.  Sickness, disease and injury are everywhere as are the cries for help.


Undoubtedly, we are acutely aware of both the wonders and disasters of modern medicine.  We also know that the mere elimination of symptoms offers no insurance with respect to healing the cause and root of the problem.  Even surgery and drugs treat only the symptoms, which contribute once again to the initial imbalance that caused the problem in the first place.


Are you ready for simple answers and relief?



Specific supplements and foods used therapeutically can effectively alter the body chemistry and restore the ionic balance and energy. The beauty is in knowing what supplemental aids and foods to use and when.   Just as we all need shoes but require different sizes and types, our bodies are unique unto themselves.



The Balance is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 


Life alone is the manifested consciousness of the totality of all that exists relative to the internal and external environment. It translates into being responsible for all that feeds your body, mind, and spirit.