Through extensive research, Dr. Carey Reams discovered the "perfect numbers" for Biological Ionization, which represent the ideal cellular resistance required for life, just as 98.6°F or 37°C represent the perfect resistance (temperature) for a healthy body. The higher the resistance, the higher the temperature.  The lower the resistance, the colder the temperature.



We do not live off the food we eat but off the energy produced by the food we eat. It is believed that we receive approximately 20% of our mineral energy from this digestive principal. Approximately 80% comes from the atmosphere. The more efficient the digestion, the more efficient the body is in extracting mineral energy from the air.


Resistance is required for life therefore an excess of resistance potentially results in disease and death. Likewise, a deficiency of resistance can also produce the same results. Dr. Reams determined that each of the 7 parameters, when all occurring simultaneously, represents the perfect 100% Metabolism Efficiency (the conversion of food into energy).  The theory is simple.  Perfect numbers equal perfect health.