The most profound results with any health program is directly dependent upon the level at which you apply yourself. Health and well-being is based on the highest expression of Mastery in evolution of your relationship with food and the experience of wellness. A new definition of food, a deeper understanding of how the body functions and the reason why you eat and what you eat creates homeostasis.


  • Feel better than you have ever felt.
  • All symptoms of disease, pain and weight challenges are completely within your control and can be eliminated once and for all.
  • Following a simple step by step program can be followed by anyone of any age with ease and grace.

    The results you get are directly dependent upon the level at which you apply yourself. It takes approximately 21 days to change a habit. It takes 30 to 90 days to change your biochemistry. You can do it!


    The following Blood Type Food lists are merely guidelines for foods to choose from. The first and foremost list is the one shared in a Consulation for Live Blood Analysis.



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    "I had no motivation to go to the gym so had to look at other ways to lose the weight I put on while going to school.


    Over a four month period I dropped 33 pounds, and didn't exercise! Don't get me wrong! Exercise is an important part of having and maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit. Now I bring a "healthier me" to exercise instead of the only goal being to lose weight.


    How did I learn? I connected with Maureen and learned how to choose the right foods and supplements to transform my body. We created a plan and I stuck to it.


    Great results, don't you think?"


    Janie S