Dr. Reams was an agricultural biochemist known as an Einsteinian mathematical genius. He had a superb reputation for being able to work wonders with the soil, especially for golf course owners having turf trouble and for farmers with crop problems. Dr. Reams ran a health retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia where people seeking wellness would come for several weeks and be given a diet to suit their body chemistry. He was a man well before his time. He died in the 1980's.


The Reams Biological Theory of Ionization was an adapted soil and plant testing technique modified for testing urine and saliva. It was a simple, non-invasive test that provided the scientific numbers as a base line for the shifting of biological numbers.


The test consists of 7 parameters and uses laboratory instruments and techniques similarly used for agricultural testing.


  • Sugar (Carbohydrates) 1.5: Indicates the amount of potential energy available per pound of weight according to the individual.
  • Urine pH 6.4: Indicates the efficiency of the gastric juices of the stomach and how efficiently the kidneys are removing toxins from the body.
  • Saliva pH 6.4: Indicates the efficiency of live and pancreatic enzymes.
  • Mineral Salts 7: Provides information regarding electrical conductance of the body fluids and whether the body is balanced in its electrolytes
  • Cell Debris .04M: Indicates the amount of cellular debris from cells breaking down.
  • Ureas 3/3: Indicates the waste products from protein metabolism.