According to Dr. Reams, the blood changes every 15 minutes therefore urine and saliva testing was deemed to be more accurate. Urine and saliva determine the degree of wellness and more importantly, they report what minerals, vitamins, and foods will affect change.  Live Blood Analysis is a wonderful adjunct to RBTI as it confirms and illustrates the effect these imbalances are having inside.  It is an excellent cross-referencing tool for a more comprehensive analysis.

Urine, saliva and blood are an interesting biofeedback milieu and illuminate not only the biological status of an individual, but are reflective of the emotional and spiritual well-being.


*Biological Ionization Analysis should be performed at least monthly and as often as weekly at the discretion of your practitioner during the course of your nutrition and lifestyle program."


Note: This information is for educational purposes only, not for diagnosing, curing, or treating diseases.