Health Consulting and Dark Field Microscopy is for you if:


  • What you are doing isn't working!
  • You are interested in a NEW perspective!
  • You are ready for simple and dynamic change in your health!


    Let me show you how! Did you know that:


  • Disturbed sleep could be a result of the foods you eat?
  • “Normal” is 2 to 3 full bowel movements per day?
  • Your age is not an excuse for feeling poorly?
  • Hair loss is connected to your hormones and your belly?
  • Anxiety and panic can simply be high sugars and salts?
  • Energy and libido are possible?

    And did you also know that:


  • The sclera (whites of eyes) indicates where your primary stumbling block is?
  • Your fingernails report your mineral deficiencies, digestive and cardiovascular health?
  • Many health problems can be supported by using modalities that focus on the myofascial/visceral tissue?

    I will help you put the pieces of your puzzle together!


    Simplify, balance and restore your well-being.




    I have worked with Maureen Fontaine for the past 3 1/2 years. In that time I have been repeatedly amazed by her innate ability to bring holistic wellness to the people she has worked with.


    Maureen not only is extremely knowledgeable on the physical workings of the body but she has incredible intuitive insight for the mental and spiritual side as well.


    When I seek help for wellness I want someone who works with my whole self, body, mind and spirit, because that's how we work.


    Maureen is the "whole-istic" ticket!


    Maria R.